Sunday, September 25, 2022

#18 - Hard'n'heavy Music Chart

Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart, standing 18 - welcome.

"Niepokonany" - Łukasz Łyczkowski & 5 Rano still stays on top this week.
You can find the chart here -> go. Feel free to vote for your favorites.

The highest new song is:

"7 Years" by Sully Erna, 64th place (between a 100 songs in standing). Biggest jump made song "Patient Number 9" by Ozzy Osbourne - 24 positions to 38.

Reminding the rules and listing the week candidates.

This week candidates:
- Wicked Ways - Halestorm (-> youtube)
- You Will Never Be Our God - Xandria (-> youtube)
- Hey You - Disturbed (-> youtube)
- Omens - Lamb of God (-> youtube)
- Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N'Roses (-> youtube)


1. The list includes max 100 songs
2. Songs at places 1-30 receives points for all time standing
3. Between 100 songs on the single standing might be max 5 song from one artist
4. There cannot be more then 2 compostions of one artist from the same decade on the standing (this limit is not use with songs from last 5 years)
5. Compositions can't return if they received all time standing points and leave the standing
6. You may suggest candidates by sending e-mail to or put here the comment or comment our FB fanpage.

Voting process is giving your points from 10 to 1 and confirm them by putting your e-mail address - confirmation link will be sent to your mailbox and your vote will be confirmed after click on that link.

Have good fun

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