Friday, April 28, 2023

Hard'n'heavy Music Chart, april

Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart, week 49 - welcome.

"Lost" by Linkin Park is Number One this week.
You can find the chart here -> go. Feel free to vote for your favorites.

The highest new song is:

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Kamelot - "The Awakening" - review

Kamelot - The Awakening
As we previously announced, in March another Kamelot's studio album - "The Awakening" was released. Music of the band is labeled differently - symphonic metal or progressive power metal, depending on where you look for the information. Anyway, on the Album you can find both styles, because the record is very varied but also tracks are of equal quality.


The Hellacopters - "Eyes Of Oblivion" - review

It's been almost a year since the The Hellacopters' last album " Eyes Of Oblivion " was released, but it fell into my ...

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