Monday, February 27, 2023

Kamelot "The Awakening" - forthcoming info

The AwakeningIn a few weeks - exactly on March 17th Kamelot's new album would be released. The album titled "The Awakening" will contain 13 songs and one of them - "One More Flag In The Ground" is currently 64th on 40th week of Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart.
1. Overture
2. The Great Divide
3. Eventide
4. One More Flag in the Ground (listen on YouTube)
5. Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)
6. Midsummer's Eve
7. Bloodmoon
8. Nightsky
9. The Looking Glass
10. New Babylon
11. Willow
12. My Pantheon (Forevermore)
13. Ephemera"Wolves Of War

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