Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Godsmack - "Lighting Up The Sky" - review

Godsmack - Lighting Up The Sky
On 24. February 2023 Godsmack released their eighth studio album called "Lighting Up The Sky". As Sully Erna, group's leader, said - it is to be group's last studio release. So it is good goodbye as the album contain good music. It's not fantastic but good for sure.

Saying about songs quality that album contain must say their rather equal. But also their different between themself. There's a piece for everyone. Godsmack gives us some stronger songs, like best in tracklist (IMHO) energetic "What About Me" or a little psychodelic "Soul On Fire", but also some lighter sounds, like piano-driven "Truth" or melodic title song. It isn't masterpiece but artists won't be ashamed with this album and will count it as achievement.
Opener "You And I" placed 68th in 41th week of our Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart.
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