Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Kamelot - "The Awakening" - review

Kamelot - The Awakening
As we previously announced, in March another Kamelot's studio album - "The Awakening" was released. Music of the band is labeled differently - symphonic metal or progressive power metal, depending on where you look for the information. Anyway, on the Album you can find both styles, because the record is very varied but also tracks are of equal quality.

Album starts with calm intro "Overture", getting harder in later parts, and next comes speeding "The Great Divine" having melodic beginning and jagged rhythm later on. After that is single "Eventide", heavier but quite fast. And next comes another single (for few weeks now beeing present at our Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart - 47th last week) "One More Flag In The Ground" (), little slower but still very interesting. In the following part of the Album you have also calmer ballad like "Midsummer's Eve" using violin and having violin solo. I'd also mention "The Looking Glass" having progressive changes of tempo, and calmer "New Babylon" starting symphonically and having faster guitar solo.
The Album isn't metal milestone but it is really recommendable piece of music.
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