Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Burning Witches - "The Dark Tower" - review

Burning Witches - The Dark Tower
New Album of Burning Witches was released in early May. This is group's fifth studio record and is called "The Dark Tower". If you ask what it brings then I say - good heavy/power metal.

Already at the beginning we get the best recording "Unleash The Beast" (new entry at week 53. of our Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart - ). Next is quite strong but a little slower "Renegade" and a little faster but like lighter - "Evil Witch". After that there's interesting "World On Fire" that starts with both guitars tapping solo.
In the middle of the Albums comes time for ballad "Tomorrow" but after this record music quality falls a little down for a few tracks. Fortunately, for the end, Ladies serve us stronger "Doomed To Die" (probably second of the bests) or "Into The Unknown" what makes we don't feel unsatisfied.
Overall, the Album is worth of recommendation but I still feel that The Band can make better music.
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