Thursday, July 6, 2023

Extreme - "Six" - review

Extreme - Six
As we announced earlier a month ago Extreme's sixth studio album was released. The Album is titeled just "Six" and contains 12 very good Extreme styled songs.

Extreme became famous in the beginnig of '90s after releasing their second studio album "Extreme II: Pornograffitti" and next "III Sides To Every Story". They created their own style based on Nuno Bettencourt's guitar and Gary Cherone's voice. Since then they released only two studio albums but in 1996 they disbanded when Nuno started solo carrier. Afetr 10 years they reunite and annouced new album.
"Six" starts single (9th last week at our Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart - ) "Rise" - quite fast and energetic song, best on the publishing in my opinion (but without taking quality from other songs). Next is kicking "#Rebel" with a little quieter parts. "Banshee" is quite fast again, but heavier and pulsating. "Other Side of the Rainbow" is calmer, ballad like track, and "Small Town Beautiful" is typical Extreme style ballad. I mention also that you we have here faster and rhythmical "The Mask", heavier "Thicker Than Blood", or acoustic "Hurricane" and "Here's To The Losers", plus 3 other compositions.
All track making very interesting album. No listener would be dissapointed, I think.
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