Monday, July 31, 2023

Nita Strauss - "The Call Of The Void" - review

Nita Strauss - The Call Of The Void
    On July 7, 2023 former Alice Cooper's guitarist Nita Strauss released her solo album - "The Call Of The Void". There are some instrumental compositions, next to witch there are recorded also some songs with different vocalists, basic version includes 14 tracks. Digital version of the Album contain also instrumental versions of songs recorded with wocalists, and honestly in my opinion record it is the bonus value.
The whole thing is significant position at music market, and two tracks from it still stay at our Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart - (18th last 62. week) and (37th).

    It is natural to open the Album with instrumental composition as Nita's guitarist. So such is first "Summer Storm" starting calmly and becoming more vivid in later parts, including quite much solos. Next is single "The Wolf You Feed" featuring Alissy White-Gluz - strong, having growl in the verse and melodic singing in the chorus, the best track on the record in my opinion.
    Honestly I must say that in my opinion on that album instrumental composition are rather better tracks with vocals (with one except mentioned above). As the example is shredded and a little electronic like "Digital Bullets" (featuring Chris Motionless) that gains a lot in instrumental version. From between other stand out tracks worth of mention is "Surfacing" featuring Marty Friedman.
    However one thing must be pointed - there is no track that wouldn't present good music quality. Sincerely recommend. My note
(what you think about the Album - leavy the comment)

Nita Strauss - official website

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