Monday, January 30, 2023

Powerwolf - "Interludium" - forthcoming info

InterludiumApril 7th is release date of new Powerwolf's album. The new release will be titled Interludium ("Sainted By The Storm" from that album is 13th last week at Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart). Basic version of the album will contain 10 tracks.
1. Wolves Of War
2. Sainted by the Storm (listen at YouTube)
3. No Prayer At Midnight
4. My Will Be Done
5. Altars On Fire
6. Wolfborn
7. Stronger Than The Sacrament
8. Living On A Nightmare
9. Midnight Madonna
10. Bête du Gévaudan

The album will be available also with additional discs - CD II "Communio Lupatum II" will contain band's hits covers recorded by friendly bands. CD III "Interludium Orchestrale" will contain 8 orchestral versions of compositions from new album.

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