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The Hellacopters - "Eyes Of Oblivion" - review

The Hellacopters - Eyes Of Oblivion
It's been almost a year since the The Hellacopters' last album "Eyes Of Oblivion" was released, but it fell into my hands quite recently. The albume is very good and below I quote parts of some reviews from other sites to support my words.
Additionally title song was 32nd in 38th week of our Hard'n'heavy Music Chart -> more details are here.

"(...)Eyes of Oblivion is a little like The Hellacopters looking to reset themselves by channelling all their influences through the ten songs on offer here. From the 70s Glam Rock of Tin Foil Soldier to the hard rockin’ punk overtones of Beguiled, the band take the listener on a journey through the last fifty-years of rock.
At the core of every track are the driving beats and hard rock riffs that don’t let up from beginning to end. (...)"

The Razors Edge

"Nicke Andersson is an enviable man. (...) But ever since he stepped out from behind the kit to front The Hellacopters, he's also proven himself a genius with the riffs and swagger of the finest rock’n’roll of the ’60s and ’70s, throwing all together with a punky engine and a sense that his musical mind is actually from a far older decade than the head in which it is housed. (...)
Now, (...), less than 12 months later his main band return with another doozy. And if you were in need of a reminder of the thrilling Friday night thrill of a loud guitar after the recent troubles, there are few better equipped for the job.(...)"
Note 4 on 5
"(...) fans of the band and quality rock n roll in general will be very happy because Eyes Of Oblivion is spectacular! There’s so much going on musically on this album that it’s a lot to unpack in describing it but it’s absolutely enthralling.(...)".
Note 8 on 10
The Rockpit
My note
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The Hellacopters - "Eyes Of Oblivion" - review

It's been almost a year since the The Hellacopters' last album " Eyes Of Oblivion " was released, but it fell into my ...

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