Sunday, October 22, 2023

Forthcoming infos of November

Doro - Conqueress Forever Strong and ProudNovember comes in few days so there's time to say what new publishings would be release during that month. As usually there will be some interesting music for hearing, especially that we will enter new month listening to new Doro's album releasing in the end of October, and right at the beginning of November we'll get new albums from Bad Wolves, Spritibox, or Dirty Honey.

As I said in the end of October Doro will release her 14. studio album. Doro, sometimes called the Queen of Metal, is known also as singer for Warlock in the '80s. She recorded four studio albums with Warlock and in 1989 she released her debut album "Force Majeure". Fans had to wait 5 years for new material as her last studio album was released in 2018 and was called "Forever Warriors, Forever United".
Doro's new album will be called "Conqueress: Forever Strong and Proud" and will be released on October 27, 2023. The album will contain 15 tracks, including current candidate for next week of our Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart "Children of the Dawn" () and new entry of week 59 "Time For Justice" ()
2. Fire in the Sky
3. Living After Midnight (ft. Rob Halford)
4. All For You
5. Lean Mean Rock Machine
6. I will Prevail
7. Bond Unending (ft. Sammy Amara)
9. Fels in der Brandung
10. Love Breaks Chains
11. Drive Me Wild
12. Rise
13. Best In Me
14. Heavenly Creatures
15. Total Eclipse of the Heart (ft. Rob Halford)
Bad Wolves - Die About It
On November 3, 2023 new albums of Bad Wolves, Dirty Honey, Spiritbox and Suffocation will be released.
Bad Wolves is american band started in 2017. They become famous after releasing their first single. It was The Cranberries "Zombie" cover and accouring to their story they were about to record it with Cranberries' vovalist Dolores O'Riordan on the day when she was found dead. They released three studio albums before: Disobey (2018), N.A.T.I.O.N. (2019) and Dear Monsters (2021). Band's curent members are Doc Coyle, Kyle Konkiel, John Boecklin i Daniel "DL" Laskiewicz.
New album "Die About It" will contain 15 tracks, including candidate for next week of our Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart "Die About Itn" ().
01. Intro
02. Bad Friend 03.
04. Savior
05. Hungry For Life
06. Legends Never Die
07. NDA
08. Move On
09. Masquerade
10. Say It Again
11. Bad Wolves and KILLBOY - It's You (2 Months) [feat. KILLBOY]
12. Turn It Down
13. Set You On Fire
On the same day will be released "Can't Find the Brakes" - Dirty Honey, "This Heathen Land" - Green Lung, "The Fear of Fear" - Spiritbox and "Hymns from the Apocrypha" - Suffocation.
"Can't Find the Brakes" - Dirty Honey
01. Don't Put Out The Fire
02. (new entry in week 68)
03. Dirty Mind
04. Roam
05. Get A Little High
06. Coming Home (Ballad Of The Shire)
07. Can't Find The Brakes
08. Satisfied
09. Ride On
10. You Make It All Right
11. Rebel Son

"This Heathen Land" - Green Lung
01. Prologue
02. The Forest Church
03. (100. last week - Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart [#74])
04. Maxine (Witch Queen)
05. One For Sorrow
06. Song Of The Stones
07. The Ancient Ways
08. Hunters In The Sky
09. Oceans Of Time

"The Fear of Fear" - Spiritbox (EP)
01. Cellar Door
02. (58. last week - Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart [#74])
03. Too Close / Too Late
04. Angel Eyes
05. The Void
06. Ultraviolet

"Hymns from the Apocrypha" - Suffocation
Lista utworów (Tracklist):
01. Hymns From The Apocrypha
02. Perpetual Deception
03. Dim Veil Of Obscurity
04. Immortal Execration
05. Seraphim Enslavement
06. Descendants
07. Embrace The Suffering
08. Delusions Of Mortality
09. Ignorant Deprivation

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