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Ronnie Romero - Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters - review

Ronnie Romero - Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters

    September 15, 2023 was the date when Ronnie Romero released his real first solo album. Artist known better for his cooparation with bands like Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Vandenberg, or Michael Schenker Group, has previously released two studio albums but they included only covers. Now he gives us completely solo material and must be said that this is a piece of good music.
Although "Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters" is his first fully solo studio album, Ronnie has already recorded quite a few albums, including two cover albums mentioned above. He also recorded 20 studio albums with another 11 artists of few music styles. He sang for example for power metal band Lords of Black or hard rock/heavy metal Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and Elegant Weapons. That what his new album is - interesting vocal, interesting music, interesting guitar solos - everything what's important in hard rock and heavy metal.

"Too Many Lies, Too Many Masters" starts with single "" (new entry at week 71 of our Hard'n'Heavy Music Chart), quite fast and strong and probably the best track of very good songs, I think. I even think that there is no sens of writing that there is very interesting guitar solo as very interesting guitar solos are played on every track of the album, what makes every composition even better.
Second track is slower and ballad like "Mountain Of Light" having stronger chorus. "Not Just A Nightmare" is another strong moment of the album - heavier and faster, starting technically and downright rushing in the end - almost power metal. Must mention also "I've Been Losing You" having different rhythms, starting with the piano, sometimes calmer and quieter, sometimes heavier and sometimes more technically played, and "Vengeance" with rushing drums.
  Because all this the album should has strong position on the publishing market. Record really worth of recommendings.
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